Distribuidores de Fibra de Vidrio en Barcelona desde 1989.

Basalt Woven

The Basalt fabric is 100% produced with basalt yarns, which together form a completely flat wick, extend in both the warp and weft directions, thus achieving different finishes such as the Twill or Taffeta. Basalt mineral fibers are natural, safe. Basalt yarn is obtained from the high temperature melting of Basalt stones, and in the production of basalt fiber, no additives are added to the melt. This contrasts with the production of fiberglass. Basalt products are natural and withstand higher temperatures than glass fiber fabrics E.


Textiles for protection against fire, insulation at high temperature, as a reinforcement in composite materials. In construction, transport, aeronautics, automotive, and now more commonly in sports elements such as bicycles, hockey sticks, skis, golf clubs, snowboards, helmets, paddle paddles, etc. Which give lightness and an aesthetic finish to the final product.