Distribuidores de Fibra de Vidrio en Barcelona desde 1989.

Simple Silionne Yarns


The Sillione simple yarn are produced by a single glass yarn E, according to requeriment, the yarn is made acording the diamater of 5 to 13 microns, of its linear density expressed in tex (g / km), the direction of torsion and the number of torsions per meter. The single yarn supports a single torsion operation, the number of torsions per meter being between 20 and 40. They are presented in cones on a support called “cops” that directly is usable on the industrial machine of transformation, such a braider, weaver, etc. .


Mainly for the manufacture of fabrics used for the reinforcement of synthetic resins, bitumen, paper, industrial fabrics, for weaving tapes, decorative weave, electric tubes, wire coating for electrical appliances.

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