Distribuidores de Fibra de Vidrio en Barcelona desde 1989.

Carbon Fiber and Innegra™s Woven

The Carbon fiber and Innegra™S (polypropylene fiber) woven are made by combining carbon fiber yarn wick and Innegra™S yarn wick, spread in both the warp and weft directions, thus achieving different finishes such as Twill or Taffeta. It is a fabric of high resistance to the impact, ductile, of light weight and with good esthetic finish.


Mainly it is applied for the manufacture of composites with thermostable polymers in pieces that require of high resistance to impact. In the transportation, aeronautics, automotive, and now more commonly in sports, such as bicycles, hockey sticks, skis, golf clubs, snowboards, helmets, paddle paddles, etc. Which give lightness and a aesthetic finish to the final product.