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Tubular Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Braid

The Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass tubular braid is a sheath that is manufactured by the braided joining of carbon fiber wicks and glass fiber wick. It is a high performance meshI is a fabric of high resistance to the impact, ductile, of light weight and with good esthetic finish. as it combines the properties of carbon fiber and fiberglass. The braided tubular have great mechanical qualities, it is soft, flexible, light and aesthetic. Perfect for coating pipes of different diameters, combinable with resins, perfect for use in equine manufacturing and resin molding edges.


Mainly it is applied for the manufacture of composite materials with thermostable polymers. In the transportation, aeronautics, automotive, and now more commonly in sports, such as bicycles, hockey sticks, skis, golf clubs, snowboards, helmets, paddle paddles, etc. Which give lightness and an aesthetic finish to the final product.